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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Snowcat Skiing on Vertebrae Glacier

Glacier Skiing on Vertebrae glacier at Chatter Creek Snowcat Skiing

The Chatter News has brought together a collection of snowcat skiing photos taken on and from the Vertebrae glacier at Chatter Creek. Scroll down to see some of the vistas and terrain on Canada's highest and largest glacier regularly used for snowcat skiing and cat boarding. The glacier skiing is mellow and the views are spectacular. However, there are some interesting optional "lines" into the glacier that are nore challenging, including "Throttler's Notch that passes over a small cornice.

The glacier is over 4000 ft above Vertebrae lodge and the run back home after a few hours of glacier skiing offers many great lines. Click on any Chatter News photo to see an enlargement. Use the "Back" button on your browser to return.

The Clamshell is a second, much smaller icefield that is regularly skied on at Chatter Creek. The Chatter glacier in the Chatter Creek watershed is a third glacier in the Chatter Creek tenure. The Chatter glacier is quite flat and is not skied often, although there is wonderful alpine skiing above the Chatter glacier, on upper Lodge Ridge. In the spring, the Chatter glacier is used for snowmobiling.

Click here to view our earlier description of glacier skiing at Chatter Creek. For more information and photos about snowcat skiing at Chatter Creek, check out the Chatter News.


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