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Monday, September 05, 2005

Powder Skiing in sight of twisted strata in the Sullivan Fault Chatter Creek Cat Skiing is one of the few operators in North America to offer extensive high-altitude glacier skiing. Most of the glacier skiing on Chatter Creek's Vertebrae Glacier occurs between the elevations of about 9600 ft and 7500 ft. Under some conditions 2500 ft vertical drop is possible.

The Vertebrae glacier is sufficiently large to permit multiple groups many runs on the glacier, with each skier having "fresh tracks" in unskied snow, every run. Chatter Creek lies in a productive snowbelt in the Rocky Mountains and the Vertebrae glacier, at its high elevation, is regularly replensihed with light powder snow. Having a northeastern exposure, the powder snow on the glacier maintains its quality for long periods of time. It is also relatively sheltered from prevailing winds. This leads to good late-season skiing.

The glacier skiing at Chatter Creek is relatively "mellow", although some of the "drops" into the glacier can be quite interesting for expert skiers. However, a trip to the glacier is always welcome for the views alone. They are spectacular. Typically, only one group of 14 people will ski the glacier in any one day, and then only for a few runs befor heading off to other areas. Scroll down to see some of the vistas that welcome cat skiers to Vertebrae glacier.


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